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In the service of the agro-ecology The AgroFutura was founded in 2013 as an agricultural advisory, service and manufacturing company.


Our team is of young scientists, mechanical engineers and practicing farmers. We use technologies, which are based solely on biological farming. It is important for us to work in balance with the humans-animals-plants-nature environment. Services The two main services are "Animal Welfare" and "Soil Humus Management" program. Both are based on the teaming with the microbes.


In the Animal Welfare program we create a microclimate in the animal barns, which is much healthier for the animals.

The Soil Humus Management has three legs:

  1. Nutrition and microbiology composition with humuscompost, AAC, Bokashi and EM.

  2. Plant Management (plant association, cover plants, crop rotation, mulching).

  3. No till technologies.

These three make a system that together support the advancement of the soil humus.

Knowlage transfer, education

An important part of our activity is the education of farmers and families. The point is that the "buy now" approach should be replace the "I prepare" approach. This leads to the real independence, self-care and freedom of the farmers and families.

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